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Troostreeks /
Het Meedragen - SMTM


A series exploring the themes of grief, loss and consolation through associative illustrations, collected in four different booklets.
These booklets are the result of weekly visual research surrounding grief and consolation. Every booklet explores a theme within my project: loss, missing, consolation and memory. To provide a bit of solace for those who need it, or to carry with you in your pocket. 

The booklets are pocket-sized (approximately A6-size) each risoprinted using three colours and bound by hand.

1. Verloren (Lost)
An associative showcase of mundane things (or once alive things) that are lost. For this collection I focussed on things I saw that were gone or things I actually lost, all in the same week. 

2. Ik mis iets (I’m missing something)
How does it feel to miss someone or something? For this collection, me and my friends made up phrases such as “I feel like a chair without legs” “I feel like a fish without a tail” etc. and visualized six of these phrases, to depict the feeling of missing in a comic manner. 

3. Troosten (To console)
This booklet shows ways to provide solace for someone. Sometimes you might need a big hug, someone to dry your tears or just something simple as a hot beverage. These illustrations depict the comforting things people I know sent me through private messages. 

4. Portret in object (Portrait in object)
My final collection of illustrations is my most personal one and depicts the mundane things I associate with my late sister. Purposely printed in Sunflower Yellow, for she lit up so many lives. To me, it was a lovely and comforting way to finish my project, making it full circle. 

You can swipe through the booklets down below :)

© Jeltje de Koning, 2023 | KVK: 89294556 | BTW-ID: NL004713961B90

© Jeltje de Koning, 2023 | KVK: 89294556 | BTW-ID: NL004713961B90